Participants from 2018Seminar visited Beijing and Shanghai
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​      From May 17th-21st , 38 participants from 2018 Seminar on Fiscal and Administration for Developing Countries visited Shanghai and Beijing – the combination of “Modernization and Cultural Civilization” together with Dr. Chenqi , Deputy Dean Huang Xianming and Assistant Li Jinkui. The seminar is sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of the Republic of China and organized by the School of International Trade and Economics, JUFE.
      In Shanghai, participants were amazed by the advanced infrastructure and the high-rise buildings everywhere. By visiting the economic centre of China , they had a better understanding on how China can be one of the leading economies in the world.
      During their visit to Beijing , they had the opportunities to pay a visit to the majestic historical heritages including The Great Wall , The Summer Palace and The Forbidden City. They witnessed the painstaking efforts by the ancient Chinese people to build The Great Wall for the protection of the country and also the civilization leading the world passed from one generation after another.
      Through the visit , the participants can not only see the “Real China” by visiting so many historical attractions and modern achievements but also learn some advanced developmental experience from China , thus promoting the economic growth of their countries and tighten the relationship between China and other developing countries.

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